What do we do?

We are a Graphic Design Studio focused on packaging and print design, we are committed to the enhancement of our clients brand image, providing our expertise not only in packaging design, but also in the development of logotypes, brochures, catalogues, corporate stationery, flyers, signage, outdoor advertising, printed ads and display design. If it is printed we can design it!

No matter how big or small, all our clientes are really important to us!, we have worked with businesses from different industries and crafts: Consumer goods, footwear, Gastronomy, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Technology, Catering, Art, Handicraft and others. Surely you can be among them!

Sitting on the Shelf of a supermarket, there is no one to sell your product.




Natuchips brand | Client: Pepsico

The design has evolved over time to align with international standards,
Below is the story of our uninterrupted work in the last 17 years

Pirulin l Client: Empresas Sindoni

Leading chocolate bar in Venezuelan market, and counts with great acceptance abroad.
Client since 1.997

Jacks l Client: Pepsico

Snack line with an adult audience.
Client since 2007

Specialties Line l Client: Sindoni Pasta


Cutlery cases l Client: Indacer

Management of different brands since 1998

Image Creation l Client: Granola Home Made

Footwear l Cliene: Cartofel

Manage of different brands since 1.995

Magic Agenda l Client: Martha Rosenthal

Branding l Cliente: CSCorp

Branding l Client: GDC Estilacho

Logo, Branding manual & Guidelines, stationery and Stickers

Visual complements l Client: Lácteos Los Andes

Poster and Exhibitor header

Visual Complements l Client: Lácteos Los Andes Jugos

Poster and Exhibitor header

Branding Guidelines l Client: Ginette Scholtz

Fashion Radio show l Client: Gaby Urdaneta

Branding & Logo

Mouse Pad l Client: BekeSantos

Consultancy l Client: Factor HSE

Consulting Branding, Logo & Stationery

Printing l Client: Empresas Polar

Catalogs, Foldable Flyers, Magazines

About us

“The fusion of traditional graphic design (offline) with online graphic design has been my key to offer clients the right answers, from naming to final product.

I´ve developed my own formula to keep my clients over time. I´m committed to their every day journey, deeply understanding their business needs, giving my professional advice as an ally

I’m passionate about Packaging and I don’t follow standards nor trends, instead I CREATE a functional, attractive and original design that achieves its goal: to standout, be remembered and persuade”

Elba González Mora

Director and Co-founder of Expansión Gráfica.
Graphic designer + Master in Advertising by Strategic Planning.

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